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Compassion in Commerce covers key aspects of how business affects our world in all areas from Dedicated Diversity to Compassion Challenges, Kind Food, Compassionate Communication and Modern Models to success through Acme, Skill-Sets, Robotics, Universal Basic Income, Excellent Futures for All and Giving Back.

As we find ourselves having contributed to the impending environmental crisis, with scientists warning that we have only a decade to prevent global warming from increasing beyond 1.5C, we must ask ourselves if we are prepared to go on as caretakers, or as killers of our planet, and whether our world and humanity itself can survive and evolve without compassion in commerce?

“We believe that the secrets to success are hard work, kindness, honesty, imagination, and going the extra mile. So, with noble goals, we humbly invite you to join us in embracing a compassionate vision and discovering simple yet mighty ways we can improve our world for the benefit of all beings.” - Cher & Judith

“The planet needs Compassion in Commerce, and in all areas of life. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of environmental destruction. Go vegan!”
Kip Andersen, Film Director - Seaspiracy, Cowspiracy, What The Health

“If we are serious about saving our planet and securing a sustainable future for its inhabitants, we must become compassionate in the way we do business, now! Ambition without compassion destroys: global warming, world hunger, animal holocaust, global deforestation and pollution...we are killing our planet! Our home! A revealing, practical, and absolutely necessary read in the times we are facing.”
Liz Solari, Actress and UNICEF Ambassador

“Compassion in Commerce speaks to the nagging sense business leaders have that they should and could care more. A clarion call for caring and diversity as drivers of positive change and business growth.”
Luke Mansfield, Chief Strategy Officer - Harley-Davidson Motor Company