The HANDS OFF Campaign features videos from people from all walks of life: famous sports people, celebrities, Lords, Baronesses, business leaders, social campaigners and members of the general public, all speaking out to end violence against adults and children.

HANDS OFF is a global campaign. We are not a charity. We are not fundraising.

The Co-creators of this campaign have been directly affected themselves or have had close friends and family who have suffered violent abuse.


Cher Chevalier

Author, Spiritual Adviser, Co-Creator of PAWS LAW & Compassion In Commerce, Executive Producer - Christspiracy, Associate Producer - SLAY Film, Co-Author of Meditations that launched Calm, iTunes App of the Year 2017, Co-Writer of the "LOST CHILD" Song, Founder & CEO of Animals Actually.

"Having witnessed my mother and sisters suffer horrific violent abuse, I have become an impassioned advocate of non-violence. I pray and meditate daily. During my meditations in 2016 I had a vision of the HANDS OFF gesture. Soon after, the wording for the campaign and its goals came through:

1. Victims will speak up.
2. Abusers will stop.
3. Violence becomes unacceptable.


Daniel Geey

Partner in the Sports Group at Sheridans, Author, Chairman of Football Aid.

"I work for clients in the sports industry specifically advising on a raft of sports regulations and sports broadcasting issues."

Photo credit and copyright Elizabeth Handy 2016

Judith Clegg

Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Takeout Innovation Agency, Co-Creator of PAWS LAW & Compassion In Commerce.

"As a former victim of sexual assault, I understand first hand the impact that violence can have. I’ve pledged to do my very best to help prevent it happening to anyone else. LET’S MAKE IT ZERO!"